About Us

Cook Timberframe Co.

Cook Timberframe Co. was created in Seymour, MO by John Cook over twenty years ago with experience learned from Amish timber framers in central Missouri.  From small cabins to huge museum exhibits, Cook Timberframe Co. has built some of the most beautiful structures in America by using natural resources and timeless craftsmanship.

Cook Timberframe Co. sources strong Douglas Firs from the coastal forests of Oregon, solid red and white oak trees grown in Mark Twain National Forest and additional timber grown on private property. The timber is planed and cut scientifically before hand finished and joined by experts in the Cook Timberframe Co. shop in Seymour, MO. Once the materials are created, construction can take as little as two weeks for the perfectly crafted timbers to be installed and raised on site.

Who is John Cook?

John Cook is the hard-working, timber cutting, frontier exploring,  owner and creator of Cook Timberframe Co. John started construction when he was sixteen years old, assisting his father with conventional construction projects. He was born in Joplin, MO and traveled all the way from Missouri to Texas and finally to Oregon before coming back to Missouri to start a family and build a timber framing business.

After learning timber framing in Missouri from Amish craftsman, he used modern technology to improve the process and provide housing for their community. He resides in Springfield, Missouri with his beautiful family and new baby girl, Betty. He has a dog: Sadie and a horse Jessie, that his daughter rides while barrel racing. He spends his time with his family: snowboarding, skiing, swimming, fishing, traveling, and enjoying the outdoors.